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MediReminder - The Process of the Project

As a UX Designer, developing a new product is a step by step process. Here is the "Cliff Notes" to the MediReminder story.

Reading and Studying Peer Reviewed Articles from Established Medical Journals

As a UX designer research is key to establish how prevalent the issue is and what problems are facing both caregivers, medical professionals and patients themselves.

Validating The Need

Interviews were conducted with both medical professional and patients receiving medical care for ongoing medical issues that required daily medications. Many patients interviewed were on more than one daily medication per day. In person and remote interviews were done for qualitative feedback and surveys were sent out for quantitative metrics. 

Personas and User Stories

As a UX designer, Personas help gain empathy and understanding of the user and their motivations.This project started with three personas.

User Flow - MediReminder

As a UX designer it is important to work closely with development so everyone has a clear understanding of user needs, the design, development time, limitations, user stories and expectations during each sprint.

Wire Frames and Mid-Fi Interactive Prototypes for usability Testing

As a UX designer I like to use wire-frames to work out the concepts and iterate with the development team and product owners, then use a higher fidelity interactive prototype for user testing.

Usability Testing

Done to validate that MediReminder was an easy to use, user-centric experience.


Updates to the prototypes based on the findings of the usability study